Announcements About Optus Bank ATM Services

  • We are pleased to announce that all Optus Bank customers using our debit cards may now use all Wells Fargo ATMs without incurring any surcharges. 
  • Effective June 30th, 2021, 4103 Beltline Blvd ATM will be closed permanently. You may use our 1545 Sumter Street or 1241 Main Street ATMs. 

Coronavirus Updates

Drive-through service only

  • Until further notice, all our banking offices will transition to drive-through only service with lobbies being available by appointment only.
  • If you would like to schedule an appointment with your banker, please call our main number, 803.733.8100 or email us at support@optus.bank

We are constantly monitoring CDC recommendations and providing our associates with information on best practices. Here is what we are doing to keep you and our associates safe:

  • Daily screening of all employees and any visitors, including taking employees’ temperature and assessing potential symptoms before they start work.
  • We have increased cleaning and sanitizing for both of our banking locations
  • Practicing social distancing
  • Constantly wearing our masks when interacting with others or in any common areas of the bank
  • Meeting daily to assess any developments and make new recommendations
  • Encouraging employees to limit face-to-face interactions at work and hold meetings online or by phone

Although we have limited access to traditional banking operations, we want to remind you that you always have access to your account with us through Online, Mobile, and Phone banking.

Stay Alert

Please be aware that cybercriminals are taking advantage of consumer fears surrounding the Coronavirus.

  • Safeguard your account information and remember that we will never contact you to ask you for your user ID or password.
  • Be aware of fake emails and texts. Remember to never click any external links you do not recognize or trust.
  • Be aware financial relief scams and remember no bank or government agency will ask for your full social security number over the phone. Please visit legitimate websites (such as IRS.gov) for more trusted sources of information.