Transforming Opportunities into Wealth

Optus Bank is a community bank, with a mission-driven purpose. We help strengthen our community by closing the wealth gap created by systemic disparities in the financial industry. By providing loans and banking services to local businesses and individuals we serve to turn deposits into direct support for the communities where our customers live and work.

Optus Bank was built upon the foundation created 100 years ago by visionary African American leaders who established Victory Savings and Loan to provide access to capital to individuals and business excluded from the banking system – and our main goal has remained the same – ensuring that wealth building is not just for the wealthy.

Our Guiding Principles

Customer Focus: Commitment to customer-centric design of products focused on meeting the needs of all customers but especially those previously unbanked, underbanked, and historically underserved people and places.
Reinvention: Unrelenting focus on technology-driven innovation in the back office, front office and compliance functions to deliver responsive and responsible products and services.
Mission & Margin: Provide non-concessionary returns to shareholders over long term, thus proving that mission orientation is accretive to the bottom line.
Best in Class: Unwavering commitment to the safety and soundness of our banking operations.

Wealth Building Strategies

We believe a stronger community is achieved by building wealth for our customers. The following are strategies in place to help our you achieve your goals.

  1. Making banking transactions cheaper, faster, and easier
  2. Incentivizing and integrate savings into everyday life
  3. Helping build personal assets through entrepreneurship & homeownership capital
  4. Empowering our customers with financial education reinforced with access to the right products

Optus Bank is a Certified Community Development Financial Institution, a mark of distinction reserved for financial institutions committed to empowering economically distressed communities.